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APP's BEST PRACTICES? (24 November 2015)

Ahead of COP Paris, two APRIL joint venture companies are clearing forested deep peatlands in the Kampar Peninsula Landscape (11 November 2015)

Wilmar's palm oil products continue to be associated with deforestation (5 November 2015)

Responses to operation of new palm oil concession in the Leuser Ecosystem  (29 October 2015)

Proven beyond doubt, APRIL continues to clear legally-established HCVF areas (12 October 2015)

Greenomics presentation at @america: A discussion on how to minimize the impacts of road construction within the Leuser Ecosytem and protect Aceh forest while furthering infrastructure development (21 September 2015)

Major step taken by Indonesian government to protect HCVF areas located on palm oil concessions (9 September 2015)

One of Wilmar's largest palm oil suppliers is constructing a canal to clear deep forested peatlands in Borneo, Indonesia (19 August 2015)

Wilmar is listed as the largest buyer of palm oil from two important suppliers that continue to
clear forested peatlands in Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesia
(30 June 2015)

Exactly 9 months since signing of IPOP: Zero impact on protecting the Leuser Ecosystem (30 June 2015)

Cargill's Supply Chain linked to Deforestation in Papua (17 June 2015)

Already one month without a solution: Wilmar and Musim Mas supplier continues to clear elephant habitat in the Leuser Ecosystem (10 June 2015)

IPOP signatories are the biggest buyers of palm oil from a company that is conducting new planting through the clearing of forested peatlands and orangutan habitat (4 June 2015)

APRIL's new sustainability provides room for the pulping of legally established HCV areas
(3 June 2015)

Golden Agri-Resources, the biggest buyer of CPO produced by a company that is relentlessly clearing HCS forests in Papua
(20 May 2015)

The only place on earth is being bulldozed by supplier of two IPOP signatories
(6 May 2015)


More than 10,000 acres of forested deep peatlands lost on APP supplier concession
(6 April 2015)


APRIL ignores its own sustainability policy
(26 March 2015)


The recommendations provided by the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) actually encourage the clearance of natural forest in existing conservation zones located on the concessions of APRIL and its long-term supply partners
(26 January 2015)

Does Asia Pulp & Paper have sufficient plantation fiber supply to support its zero deforestation commitment?
(25 November 2014)

PT Mayawana Persada, a company whose shareholders include an FSC certificate holder, plans to clear orangutan habitat and HCV areas for the development of pulpwood plantation
(17 November 2014)

Golden Agri demonstrates real commitment to HCS forest conservation but legal threat lies ahead
(21 October 2014)

Wilmar continues to engage with third party suppliers that clear orangutan habitat, forested deep peatlands and high carbon stock forests
(22 September 2014)

'Busy years' ahead until 2017: Spending US$12 million on clearing Papua's intact forest landscapes
(21 July 2014)

Not just any Wilmar supplier caught violating no-deforestation policy
mongabay.com - 31 July 2015

Wilmar, Musim Mas supplier still destroying forest for oil palm in Indonesia's Leuser Ecosystem
mongabay.com - 3 July 2015

Palm oil giants to investigate company found razing Papuan rainforest
mongabay.com - 18 June 2015

Oil palm company accused of violating RSPO, IPOP standards in Indonesia
mongabay.com - 11 June 2015

GAR, Wilmar punish palm oil supplier for clearing rainforest in New Guinea
mongabay.com - 28 May 2015

Wilmar, Musim Mas supplier caught clearing elephant habitat for palm oil in Aceh
mongabay.com - 12 May 2015

Who's to blame for forest loss in Borneo timber concession?
mongabay.com - 6 April 2015

APRIL violates sustainability policy by clearing peat forest after Jan cut-off
mongabay.com - 26 March 2015

New data shows Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) is continuing to destroy rainforests on deep peat despite a high profile pledge to clean up its operations.

Indonesian law bars palm oil companies from protecting forests
mongabay.com - 21 October 2014

Malaysian palm oil company destroys Borneo forests, despite buyer's zero deforestation commitment
mongabay.com - 30 September 2014

Malaysian palm oil company Genting Plantations is continuing to destroy forests despite a high-profile pledge by one of its customers to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain, alleges a report published by Greenomics, an Indonesian environmental group.

Greenomics: Wilmar Must Clarify Vague 'No Deforestation' Policy
Tempo magazine - 30 September 2014

Wilmar's continued engagement with suppliers that clear orangutan habitat, peatlands and valuable forests were highlighted in a report last week, despite the agribusiness group's high-profile "No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation" policy.

Wilmar to investigate palm oil company allegedly destroying orangutan forest
mongabay.com - 23 June 2014

A Wilmar supplier is allegedly destroying orangutan habitat in Indonesian Borneo, potentially putting it in breach of the plantation giant's zero deforestation policy, reports Greenomics.

Despite green pledge, Wilmar partner continues to destroy forest for palm oil
mongabay.com - 12 June 2014

Two palm oil companies partially owned by Wilmar are continuing to destroy rainforests in Indonesia despite a high profile zero deforestation pledge, alleges a new report published by Greenomics.

Wacana Ekspor Log Tidak Dukung Hilirisasi
KOMPAS - 29 Maret 2014

Kalangan aktivis dan dunia usaha meminta wacana ekspor kayu bulat atau log tidak lagi dibahas. Wacana ekspor log dengan alasan apa pun bertolak belakang dengan kebijakan pemerintah yang sedang mendorong pengembangan industri hilir untuk penciptaan nilai tambah.

APP subsidiaries involved in Ramin harvesting in 2012
environmentalpaper.eu - 17 December 2013

Latest report published by Greenomics Indonesia, an NGO, disclosed Tuesday that two suppliers of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in South Sumatra and West Kalimantan provinces had found clearing and supplying protected Ramin logs.

APP's Borneo expansion to be constrained by forest conservation policy
mongabay.com - 4 December 2013

NGO questions mapping of oil palm plantations in RI
The Jakarta Post, 25 November 2013

Greenomics Indonesia’s spatial verification results on the “Global Forest Cover Change 2000-2012” map, which was published by the University of Maryland in the US in mid-November, show that oil palm plantations have been mapped out as forest cover gains.

Komitmen Kelestarian Bukan Alat Dagang
, 18 November 2013

Kalangan pengusaha berbasis sumber daya alam wajib menjalankan komitmen konservasi menjaga kelestarian lingkungan dengan penuh tanggung jawab. Para pemangku kepentingan, terutama organisasi nonpemerintah, wajib konsisten mengawasi dan mendorong investor berbisnis secara lestari tanpa perlu terlibat menjadi alat dagang dengan mempromosikan korporasi tertentu.

“Steve Zwick should withdraw his analysis and apologize,” Greenomics Indonesia responds to Ecosystem Marketplace’s Rimba Raya article
, 30 July 2013

A couple of weeks ago, REDD-Monitor wrote about about a Greenomics Indonesia report that questioned whether the Rimba Raya REDD project in Indonesia has the necessary approvals from the government of Indonesia. Infinite Earth, the project developer responded. Greenomics Indonesia replied to the response. Last week, Ecosystem Marketplace joined the debate.

Operator REDD+ dan Greenomics Masih Belum Sepakat Soal Legalitas Proyek Karbon Hutan di Kalimantan Tengah
Mongabay-Indonesia, 28 Juli 2013

Adu argumen antara Infinite Earth, sebagai operator proyek karbon hutan yang diklaim terbesar di Indonesia saat ini, dengan LSM Greenomics terkait status hukum proyek karbon hutan tersebut.

Rimba Raya REDD project: Response from Greenomics Indonesia to Infinite Earth’s statement
redd-monitor.org, 22 July 2013

Last week, REDD-Monitor wrote about a Greenomics Indonesia report that questioned whether the Rimba Raya REDD project in Indonesia has the necessary approvals from the government of Indonesia. Infinite Earth, the project developer, responded by refuting the Greenomics Indonesia report.

Greenomics Indonesia accuses Rimba Raya REDD project of misleading the public and the carbon market
redd-monitor.org, 19 July 2013

At the end of May 2013, several articles appeared about the approval of the Rimba Raya REDD project in Indonesia. “World’s largest REDD project finally approved in Indonesia”, and “Perseverance Pays Off For World’s Largest REDD Project”, were two of the headlines. A few days later, these headlines were edited to reflect the fact that the project is not the world’s largest REDD project, in terms of either area or carbon credits.

NGO accuses Rimba Raya of misleading public with false carbon project information
The Jakarta Post, 7 July 2013

A non-governmental organization said a claim that Rimba Raya Conservation had obtained approval from the Indonesian government for its world’s largest carbon project, on 64,000 hectares of areas in Indonesia, was in fact untrue.

Dikeluarkan dari Peta Moratorium, Sinar Mas Punya Kebun Sawit Baru di Papua
Mongabay-Indonesia, 3 Juli 2013

Golden Agri Resources (GAR), grup Sinarmas, mempunyai konsesi perkebunan sawit baru di hutan Papua lebih dari 20.000 hektar. Izin pelepasan kawasan hutan diberikan setelah mengeluarkan areal itu dari peta moratorium hutan

Sinarmas expands oil palm plantations in Papuan forests
The Jakarta Post, 30 June 2013

A report has revealed that Golden Agri Resources (GAR), the Sinarmas Group’s oil palm business, is expanding its oil palm plantations in more than 20,000 hectares of forests in Papua. The expansion permit was obtained after the forests were removed from the government’s moratorium map on primary forests, the report says

Fire spots detected in 57 concession areas in Riau
The Jakarta Post, 22 June 2013

Greenomics Indonesia said 1,106 fire spots had been detected in concession areas of at least 57 companies granted industrial forest permits (HTI) and palm oil plantations in Riau from June 19 to 20.

Titik Api di Lahan 57 Perusahaan HTI & Sawit
bisnis.com, 22 Juni 2013

JAKARTA -- Greenomics Indonesia mengungkapkan sedikitnya terdapat 57 perusahaan Hutan Tanaman Industri (HTI) dan perkebunan sawit yang terdeteksi titik-titik api di areal konsesinya selama 19-20 Juni 2013. Greenomics Indonesia menggunakan data digital sebaran titik api yang bersumber dari hasil deteksi EOSDIS-NASA.

Why Indonesia Can Only Wait for Rain
as Riau Burns and Singapore Chokes

The Jakarta Globe, 21 June 2013

Indonesia has accepted international praise for its deforestation legislation but has failed to invest in its enforcement, two top environmental groups said on Friday as fires continued to burn through protected peatlands in Sumatra.

Indonesian palm oil giant cutting deforestation from supply chain
mongabay.com, 13 May 2013

Indonesian palm oil giant Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) is continuing to reduce deforestation under its 2011 forest conservation policy despite ongoing forest destruction by other palm oil producers in the sector, finds a new assessment by Greenomics, an Indonesian activist group. However the report finds GAR's operations are not completely deforestation-free.

Kampanye Perlindungan Hutan
Greenomics: APP Bohongi Publik
Suara Pembaruan, 21 Maret 2013

Laporan terbaru yang dilansir Greenomics Indonesia mengungkapkan,raksasa industri bubur kertas Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) membohongi publik dengan kampanye perlindungan hutan alamnya. Pasalnya, perusahaan tersebut telah lebih dulu membabat habis hutan alam di konsesinya sebelum kampanye itu digemakan.

Kampanye perlindungan hutan APP menipu publik
ANTARA, 20 Maret 2013

Greenomics Indonesia mengungkapkan, raksasa Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) menipu publik dengan kampanye perlindungan hutan alamnya, kenyataannya, perusahaan itu telah lebih dulu membabat habis hutan alam di konsesinya sebelum menyuarakan kampanye tersebut.

Kampanye Perlindungan Hutan APP Dianggap Menipu Publik
beritasatu.com, 20 Maret 2013

“Kampanye APP adalah sesuatu yang licik. Sebab sebelum melansir kampanye perlindungan hutan alam, APP sudah menghabisi hutan alam yang ada dikonsesinya”

Green Group Calls Asia Pulp and Paper Forest Policy ‘Artful Deception'
The Jakarta Globe, 20 Maret 2013

An environmental think tank has accused paper giant Asia Pulp and Paper of attempting to purposefully deceive the public and its stakeholders with its new conservation policy.

APP conservation policy came after it pulped most of its forests
mongabay.com, 19 Maret 2013

Asia Pulp & Paper's widely heralded forest conservation policy came after the forestry giant had already cleared nearly all of the legally protected forests within its concessions in Sumatra, alleges a new report published by Greenomics, an Indonesian environmental group.

UE Sorot Rencana Gubernur Aceh 'habisi' 55.000 Ha
bisnis.com, 8 Maret 2013

Greenomics Indonesia mengadakan pertemuan dengan Representatif Delegasi Uni Eropa untuk Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, dan ASEAN guna menyampaikan rencana Gubernur Aceh yang ingin menebang hutan lindung hingga 55.000 hektare, yang bertentangan dengan komitmen jangka panjang Uni Eropa untuk melindungi hutan Aceh.

Hutan Lindung Aceh akan Dibabat,
Greenomics Surati Dubes Swedia

kompas.com, 19 Februari 2013

Greenomics Indonesia kembali memrotes kebijakan Gubernur Aceh yang akan menebang 8 blok besar hutan lindung Aceh seluas sekitar 55.000 hektar. Kali ini, protes dilayangkan melalui surat terbuka kepada Duta Besar Swedia.

Protes Usulan Pelepasan 8 Blok Hutan Lindung Aceh, Greenomics Layangkan Surat ke Dubes Swedia
Mongabay-Indonesia, 19 Februari 2013

Greenomics Indonesia melayangkan surat terbuka kepada Dubes Swedia di Indonesia, menanggapi usulan Gubernur Aceh Zaini Abdullah yang ingin menebang delapan blok besar hutan lindung di tanah serambi Mekkah itu.

55.000 Hektare hutan lindung di Aceh bakal dibabat
bisnis.com, 14 Februari 2013

Gubernur Aceh Zaini Abdullah mengusulkan sejumlah hutan lindung menjadi hutan produksi kepada Menteri Kehutanan. Namun, langkah itu, ditentang Greenomics Indonesia.

Aceh Governor Wants to Allow More Logging
in Protected Forests: Report
The Jakarta Globe, 13 February 2013

Spatial zoning proposals for Aceh indicate that the province’s governor is seeking to open up more than 52,000 hectares of protected forest there to logging, a conservation group warns.

Indonesia: Governor of Aceh puts forests under threat
redd-monitor.org, 13 February 2013

In January 2013, chairman of the Aceh parliament’s spatial planning committee, told Australian journalist Michael Bachelard that a proposed new spatial plan for Aceh would reduce the total forest cover in the province from about 68% to 45%. And this week Greenomics Indonesia published a report criticising the Governor of Aceh’s plans to allow logging in 54,593 hectares of protected forest.

Indonesian governor proposes
opening protected areas to logging

mongabay.com, 12 February 2013

The governor of Indonesia's Aceh Province on the island of Sumatra has proposed opening up more than 50,000 hectares of protected forest to logging, according to a new analysis by an Indonesian environmental group.

Kebijakan Kehutanan:
Alih Fungsi 55.000 Hektar Hutan Lindung Aceh Harus Dibatalkan

kompas.com, 11 Februari 2013

Gubernur Aceh Zaini Abdullah didesak membatalkan usulannya kepada Kementerian Kehutanan mengenai perubahan 8 blok besar hutan lindung di Aceh menjadi hutan produksi untuk ditebang sebagai sumber pemenuhan kebutuhan kayu.

Kebijakan Baru Bisa Jadi Alat Legitimasi Ekspansi
kompas.com, 6 Februari 2013

Organisasi nonpemerintah Greenomics Indonesia mengecam kebijakan baru Konservasi Hutan Asia Pulp and Paper, yang diluncurkan pada 5 Februari 2013. Kebijakan ini dinilai bisa menjadi alat legitimasi baru bagi Asia Pulp and Paper untuk ekspansi.

Kebijakan APP Melegitimasi
Ekspansi Konglomerasi Lahan

bisnis.com, 6 Februari 2013

Greenomics Indonesia mengecam keras kebijakan baru Konservasi Hutan Asia Pulp dan Paper (APP/Sinarmas Forestry) yang diluncurkan pada 5 Februari 2013, karena kebijakan tersebut dapat digunakan sebagai alat legitimasi baru bagi APP untuk melakukan ekspansi konglomerasi lahan di Indonesia.

Aneh, Bayar Pungutan Hutan tapi
Golden Agri Ngaku Tak Berkayu Komersil

Mongabay-Indonesia, 24 Januari 2013

PT Smart TBK dan induk perusahaan, Golden Agri Resouces (GAR) pada 21 Desember 2012 mengeluarkan pernyataan resmi mengaku keliru dan bertanggungjawab karena membuka lahan seluas 2.449 hektar tanpa izin pemanfaatan kayu (IPK). Alasannya, tidak ada kayu komersil pada lahan-lahan di luar IPK itu. Anehnya, dalam rentang waktu itu ada pembayaran dana reboisasi (DR) dan provisi sumber daya hutan (PSDH).

Perlu Perpu untuk Selamatkan Jakarta
kompas.com, 19 Januari 2013

Penyelamatan Ibu Kota Jakarta, dari bencana banjir yang datang menghantui tiap musim hujan, kerap terlupakan saat musim kemarau tiba.


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APP's artful deception:
After pulping its remaining forests, APP positions itself as a conservation leader with new policy
(18 March 2013)

Open Letter to the Ambassador of Sweden to Indonesia (19 February 2013)

Aceh Governor's move threatens destruction of province's protection forest (February 2013)

”Golden Agri should
withdraw press release
as it flies in the face
of the legal facts”
(21 January 2013)

”Golden Agri harus mencabut siaran persnya, terbukti tidak sesuai dengan fakta-fakta hukum” (21 Januari 2013)

Sumitomo Forestry Group involved in pulping peat forests in Indonesian Borneo (January 2013)

Indonesia's First REDD+ Project Not a Done Deal, Despite Promoter's Claims (December 2012)

Why the Indonesian
Ministry of Forestry
Recommends that
revise its “APP
Sustainability Roadmap
2020 and beyond”
(October 2012)

Greenomics Indonesia Open Statement in Response to
Interview with Scott Poynton in REDD-Monitor (August 2012)

After Signing “Landmark MoU” on Orangutan Conservation, Wilmar Fails to Deliver “Reaffirmed Commitment” (June 2012)

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APP Pulpwood Suppliers' Own Operational Plans Reveal Deliberate Clearing of Ramin and Other Protected Species" (March 2012)

Expansion of sustainable palm oil production: Exclude palm oil production firms whose operations should be halted according to the BPK RI! (February 2012)

Ekspansi produksi sawit lestari: Diskualifikasi!!
Perusahaan sawit yang
penghentian operasionalnya oleh

BPK RI (Februari 2012)

Peatland and forest at serious risk from Merauke food and energy estate development
(February 2012)

APRIL must refrain from pulping peatland forest on a small Indonesian island
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